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Mountain Landscape
This Earth Belongs To God

1. This earth belongs to God,

    the world, its wealth, and all its people;

    He formed the waters wide

    and fashioned every sea and shore.

    Who may go up the hill of the Lord

    and stand in the place of holiness?

    Only the one whose heart is pure,

    whose hands and lips are clean.

2. Lift high your heads, you gates;

    rise up, you everlasting doors,

    as here now the King of glory

    enters into full command.

    Who is the King, this King of glory,

    where is the throne he comes to claim?

    Christ is the King, the Lord of glory,

    fresh from his victory.


3. Lift high your heads, you gates,

    and fling wide open the ancient doors,

    for here comes the King of glory

    taking universal power.

    Who is the King, this King of glory,

    what is the power by which he reigns?

    Christ is the King, his cross his glory,

    and by love he rules


    All glory be to God the Father,

    Son, and Holy Spirit;

    from ages past it was, is now,

    and evermore shall be.

         By Christopher Idle

         Based on Psalm 24

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